Karwan stands for continuity.

Karwan embarked upon its journey in 1981 as a monthly magazine from Oslo, Norway. aims to become a focal point for Pakistanis living all over the world. will provide news, reports and comments from Pakistan as well as from other countries and regions where Pakistanis are settled. It will pinpoint and highlight their activities and issues whichever country they maybe in.

Pakistanis very strongly value their culture and heritage. The connection with their homeland keeps them interested into getting information about the happenings in Pakistan. will work to provide them with this information as well as comments and analysis of the situation in Pakistan and other regions. shall publish comments, analysis and articles about Pakistan, Islam and related socio-economical and political issues. It will promote a balanced and a fair but just view about Pakistan and its people. will also provide a forum for all Pakistanis in all countries to debate issues and share their own views relevant to them. It will be an international forum for all where Pakistan will be the common ground of discussion.

We aim to provide news, offer impartial comments and give an insight into the background of events. We shall be independent and professional in our approach. shall offer space to all who wish to participate in this journey. accepts universally agreed basics and principles of journalistic ethics and freedom of expression. We shall follow guidelines settled by International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). is set against all discrimination based on race, faith, religion and sexual orientation. We shall work for the elimination of all such prejudices. will contribute to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance between people.

Our vision is that to earn respect one should also show respect to other religions, cultures and beliefs and strive to fill gaps where there is lack of knowledge about certain issues or debates. welcomes all opinions and suggestions. It will be an open debate forum and everyone will have the right to express views and opinions. will not necessarily agree to views appearing on its site and therefore shall not take any responsibility for such views and comments.

We believe in freedom of expression and also believe that this freedom should be used with responsibility. intends to promote this responsibility. shall welcome comments and opinions on any views expressed on our site. We have this firm belief that difference of opinion strengthens human and democratic behaviors.

To maintain professional and serious character of this site, the editors shall read all comments before publication although comments will not be edited.

Editors keep the right to refuse publication of immoral, illegal, prejudicial or material that encourages hatred. We shall not use this policy to suppress the basic right of personal expression. shall not promote any faith or political ideology. We shall work for the benefit and rights of all human beings.